Hari Sharan Agrawal


In 1986, Shri Hari Sharan Agrawal founded Vibgyor Color Lab as a Photo Printing Shop using the conventional printing technology of the time. Our first ever setup was at Bhilai. Later, with the advent of time, we started branches at various cities of Chhattisgarh.

Looking forward to the business from various cities of Madhya Pradesh, in 1992 we started a branch at Katni, a city outside Chhattisgarh. In due course, we expanded to 20 cities across 4 states. All our branches are now equipped with the latest equipments and deliver the best results to both associates and end users.

At Vibgyor, we are committed to “Quality Services in a Timely Manner.” We believe that the prints should last with full vibrance even when memories related to those photos start to fade.

Our Philosophy

  • 01 - Your photo product undergoes rigorous process of quality control before being shipped. Why do we do that? Because we believe that fond memories deserve the best. Unforgettable adventures with loved ones, your wedding, your kid’s first pictures, these are moments you will never wish to forget.
  • 02 - 100% Quality Guarantee is all about your satisfaction. We want you to be HAPPY. Imagine the excitement when one receives their personalized merchandise, made entirely by themselves. This is exactly what we hope you feel when entrusting us with your memories. After all, your happiness is our pride.

Handmade to Photobook Perfection